Terrafem in english

Welcome to Terrafem Terrafem is a non-profit organisation that works for the right of women of all ages to live in a society without the violence and abuse of men. Terrafem was founded in March 2000 by women who earlier on had worked with a shelter for immigrant women, the first of its kind in Sweden. Terrafem´s work is based on a perspective of both gender and ethnicity. We run Sweden's only national helpline for immigrant women of all ages. The helpline (020-52 10 10) offers support in 43 languages.

Terrafem's gives also legal advice and offer woman shelter, a shelter for girls and apartments with daily support.

Every year Terrafem arrange several seminars for women who start working in the helpline. Terrafem also give external lectures.

What we do

  • Terrafem runs Sweden's only national helpline (020-52 10 10) for immigrant women of all ages. At present we offer support and advice in about 43 languages. Terrafem offers a place of refuge for women of all ages who have been exposed to sexual violence.

  • Offers training for women who join the helpline work and external education and lectures at the request of people outside the organisation.

  • Works on influencing public opinion on the gendered order of society through a feminist and ethnicity perspective.

We'll support you

Terrafem is an organisation working for you who have been or are battered, raped, harassed, threatened, in risk of forced marriage, repressed in your personal life or in some other way experience abuse by your husband, partner, boyfriend, father, brother or some other person.

We will talk to you over the phone or make plans for you to visit us for a private meeting.

We who work at Terrafem have vast experience of supporting women and girls who have been abused.

We can receive your call in about 35 different languages.

Neither your husband, partner, boyfriend, father, brother nor any other man has the right to beat you. It's not your fault. The man is responsible for his actions.

You can contact us on our national helpline 020-52 10 10.

Your call is free of charge. Your call will not be listed on your phone bill. You can call us from a pay phone, a listed telephone or a mobile. You can remain anonymous in your contact with Terrafem.